Migration, Intersectionality and Social Jusice - Guest Editors' Introduction




Stasiulis, Daiva
Jinnah, Zaheera
Rutherford, Blair

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Studies in Social Justice


This special issue contributes to a growing paradigm shift among migration scholars seeking to unpack the complexity of power relations, inequities and forms of social oppression among migrants, and intrinsic to border and migration policies, through the deployment of intersectionality as an analytic tool (Abu-Laban, 1998; Anthias, 2012; Bastia, Piper & Carron, 2011; Carastathis, Kouri-Towe, Mahrouse, & Whitley, 2018, Grosfoguel, Oso & Christou, 2015; Truong, Gasper, Handmaker & Bergh, 2014). Both migration and intersectionality are inextricably linked to social justice. Both involve processes of categorization that are deeply embedded in social science and policy, providing an important means by which we construct and apprehend the social world. Both also serve political purposes and agendas, and are associated with hierarchical systems of “worthiness” and access to bounded systems of rights (Crawley & Skleparis, 2018, p. 51).




Stasiulis, D., Jinnah, Z., & Rutherford, B. (2020). Migration, Intersectionality and Social Justice – Guest Editors’ Introduction. Studies in Social Justice, 14(1), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.26522/ssj.v2020i14.2445.