Word-based processor structure for Montgomery modular multiplier suitable for compact IoT edge devices




Ibrahim, Atef
Gebali, Fayez

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that forms a huge network of different objects and intelligent devices. IoT Security is becoming more important due to the exchange of sensitive sensor data and the potential for incorporating the virtual and real worlds. IoT edge devices create serious security threats to network systems. Due to their limited resources, it is challenging to implement cryptographic protocols on these devices to secure them. To address this problem, we should perform compact implementation of cryptographic algorithms on these devices. At the heart of most cryptographic algorithms is the modular multiplication operation. Therefore, efficient implementation of this operation will have a great impact on the implementation of the whole cryptographic protocol. In this paper, we will focus on the resource and energy efficient hardware implementation of the adopted Montgomery modular multiplication algorithm over GF(2m). The main building block of the proposed word-based processor structure is a processor array that has a modular structure with local connectivity between its processing elements. The ability to manage the saving amounts of area, delay, and consumed energy is the main benefit of the suggested hardware structure. We used ASIC technology to implement the suggested word-based processor structure. The final results show an average reduction in the area of 86.3% when compared with the competitive word-based multiplier structures. Additionally, the recommended design achieves significant average savings in area-time product, power, and consumed energy of 53.7%, 83.2%, and 72.6%, receptively, over the competitive ones. The obtained results show that the provided processor structure is best suited for application in compact IoT edge devices with limited resources.



montgomery modular multiplication, IoT security, crypto-processors, modular arithmetic, IoT networks, processor arrays, hardware security, cyber-physical systems


Ibrahim, A. & Gebali, F. (2023). “Word-based processor structure for Montgomery modular multiplier suitable for compact IoT edge devices.” Mathematics, 11(2), 328. https://doi.org/10.3390/math11020328