The power of the babe: infants' experiences of power




Lysecki, Ruth A.

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As do we all, infants experience interpersonal power in all their relationships. This has implications for how they understand power, how they experience their rights, and how they learn to use power throughout their life courses. However, this has not been well studied, and consequently is inadequately addressed in educator training. In this paper, I review the literature on infants’ experiences of and understandings of interpersonal power, how it impacts their rights, and address some of the ethical implications of empowering infants. To address the gap in educator training I created a professional development workshop for educators. This participatory workshop is designed to provide space for reflection and collaborative problem-solving so that educators feel prepared to address the power dynamics present in their practice in an ethical manner.



Power, Infants, Children's Rights, Childcare, Agency, Autonomy, Toddlers