Digital Documentation of Monuments: RTI and Photogrammetry in Emanu-El Cemetery, Victoria BC




Heizer, Melanie Ann

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Using two techniques of digital conservation in the Emanu-El cemetery in Victoria BC, this project worked to recover and rediscover inscriptions and motifs on grave stones that have been damaged or lost through environmental stresses causing damage and degradation. The two techniques chosen for this process are reflectance transformation imaging (RTI), and photogrammetry. Both of these techniques allow for us to look at the monuments in detail. Photogrammetry creates a 3D model of the stone, and RTI uses an external flash to take a series of images that get meshed together to allow for manipulation of light when looking at the monument. The focuses of this project are to look at the differences between these two photographic techniques in terms of ease of use on this project, what aspects of the monuments are captured best by which technique, and finally, what challenges are faced in using these techniques in this cemetery.



RTI, Photogrammetry, Cemetery, Digital Conservation, Heritage Conservation, Gravestones, Memorials, Inscriptions