Metal nanostructures for enhanced optical functionalities: surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and photonic integration.




Qiao, Min

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As the developments in nanoscale fabrication and characterization technology, the investigation and applications of light in metal nanostructures have been becoming one of the most focused research areas. Metal materials allow to couple the incident light energy into electromagnetic waves propagating on the metal surface under certain configurations, which is called surface plasmon (SP). This feature tremendously expanded the application possibility of metals in optical regime, such as extraordinary transmission (EOT), near-field optics and surface enhanced spectroscopies. In this talk, various metal structures will be demonstrated which could control SP’s propagation, resonance andlocal field enhancement. A number of SP applications are benefited – the plasmonic bragg reflector (PBR), the frequency sensitive plasmonic microcavity, the subwavelength metallic taper, the long range surface plasmon (LRSP) waveguide and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). Especially for SERS, long-term effort was devoted into it to achieve the single molecule detection limit.



nanophotonics, surface plasmon, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, phtonic integration