The Power to Be way: fostering healthy relationships with oneself, nature and community through outdoor experiential education




Cormode, Sarah

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Power to Be Adventure Therapy Society (PTB) was founded in 1999 and is located in Victoria. Interviews were conducted with staff members of the PTB Wilderness School to identify its core components and unique characteristics. Staff members identified several themes that define the PTB Wilderness School: active youth participation; committed staff members; a focus on healthy relationships and pro-social behaviour; community-based programming; voluntary participation; the creation of a safe place to express oneself; the length and mobility of the program; and, reconnecting or building a relationship with the natural environment. Recommendations emerged from the research relating to the following topics: ongoing development of recruitment process; group cohesion; youth leadership; cultural programming; consistency with program objectives; accreditation of the Wilderness School; securing a permanent base camp; professional development; evaluation; parent involvement; and, donor involvement. The Power to Be Wilderness School continues to evolve by building upon its successes.



outdoor education, outdoor experiential education, experiential education, holistic education, environmental education, ecopsychology, Power to Be Adventure Therapy Society, transformative learning