Git repository visualization: visualizing file authorship and dominance




Malik, Saad

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Blame functionality of git is used for the purpose of viewing the evolution of file in terms of who the author is for any line of code. Blame annotates each line in a file and displays who wrote the line, at what time and the content that was added to it. The output from blame is reported in a textual form where the data is gathered from the history of a file and dumped on user’s screen. It is difficult to deduce any kind of useful information from such an output as it contains a lot of lines of information. A solution to this problem is proposed in this project using visualization of Blame's output. A file is selected from the git repository and its view of blame data is drawn on the user screen for the purpose of finding the dominant author. Three different views help achieve visualization where each of the views represents a different perspective of blame information. Visualization is done on per file basis, a file is selected and its corresponding view can be generated on the fly. Feasibility of visualization is done on two git repositories, Linus Torvald’s Linux repo and the Git’s git repo. To verify that the visualized information is correct, is done manually by taking few files from each repo as a test case and then verified its textual blame info with the visualized output of this project.



github, visualization, dominant author, git bame