Multilevel analysis of mathematics literacy : the effects of intrinsic motivation, teacher support, and student-teacher relations




Goh, Ming-Sze

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This research investigated the importance of students' intrinsic motivation, perceptions of teacher support in mathematics classrooms, and perceptions of student-teacher relations in the school on 15-year-old mathematics literacy in Canada in separate models while controlling for students' gender and socioeconomic status. In order to provide a clear national picture of the effects of these variables, a large-scale dataset was used in the analysis. With the use of hierarchical linear modeling, school-level variables were used to explain between-school variability in mathematics literacy, and variability in school slopes of each contextual student-level variable in separate models. Consistent with prior research, all three contextual student-level variables were significant positive predictors of mathematics literacy. 20% of the variability in mathematics literacy was attributed to schools. Principals' perceptions of teacher behaviors affecting students' learning was a significant school correlate in all three between-school variability models, suggesting the important role teachers play in students' educational outcomes.



mathematics, motivation in education, literacy