Joint placement and power optimization of UAV-relay in NOMA enabled maritime IoT system




Xu, Woping
Tian, Junhui
Gu, Li
Tao, Shaohua

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In this paper, an unmanned aerial vehicle is utilized as an aerial relay to connect onshore base station with offshore users in a maritime IoT system with uplink non-orthogonal multiple access enabled. A coordinated direct and relay transmission scheme is adopted in the proposed system, where close shore maritime users directly communicate with onshore BS and offshore maritime users need assistance of an aerial relay to communicate with onshore BS. We aim to minimize the total transmit energy of the aerial relay by jointly optimizing the UAV hovering position and transmit power allocation. The minimum rate requirements of maritime users and transmitters’ power budgets are considered. The formulated optimization problem is non-convex due to its non-convex constraints. Therefore, we introduce successive convex optimization and block coordinate descent to decompose the original problem into two subproblems, which are alternately solved to optimize the UAV energy consumption with satisfying the proposed constraints. Numerical results indicate that the proposed algorithm outperformed the benchmark algorithm, and shed light on the potential of exploiting the energy-limited aerial relay in IoT systems.



maritime communication system, optimization, Uplink NOMA, UAV relay network


Xu, W., Tian, J., Gu, L., & Tao, S. (2022). “Joint placement and power optimization of UAV-relay in NOMA enabled maritime IoT system.” Drones, 6(10), 304.