Binners in Vancouver : a socio-economic study on binners and their traplines in downtown eastside




Tremblay, Crystal

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This thesis examines the informal recovery of recyclable beverage containers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The socio-economic characteristics and structure of the informal recycling sector is explored using a case study of the United We Can bottle depot in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Results indicate that informal resource recovery, also known in local vernacular as “binning”, has the potential to make a significant contribution to poverty alleviation, social inclusion and waste management. Further, the informal recycling community is comprised of a highly diverse range of individuals. Society’s acceptance and integration of this sector could contribute positively to both the social economy and the environmental movement. In order to do so, however, a collaborative effort between government and community is required to build capacity and an adequate infrastructure.



beverage containers, recycling, informal sector, British Columbia, Vancouver, United We Can