Applications of a Novel Tunable Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester




Raghavan, Sreekumari
Gupta, Rishi
Sharma, Loveleen

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Conversion of ambient energy to usable electrical energy is attracting attention from researchers since providing a maintenance-free power source for the sensors is critical in any IoT (Internet of Things)-based system and in SHM (structural health monitoring). Continuous health monitoring of structures is advantageous since the damage can be identified at inception and the necessary action taken. Sensor technology has advanced significantly, and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems)-based low-power sensors are available for incorporating into large structures. Relevant signal conditioning and transmission modules have also evolved, making them power-efficient and miniaturized. Various micro wireless sensor nodes (WSN) have also been developed in recent years that require very little power. This paper describes the applications of a novel tunable piezoelectric vibration energy harvester (PVEH) for providing autonomous power to low-power MEMS sensors for use in IoT and remote SHM. The novel device uses piezoelectric material and an ionic polymer–metal composite (IPMC) and enables electrical tuning of the resonant frequency using a small portion of the power generated.



vibrations, energy harvesting, piezoelectric material, applications of piezoelectric vibration energy harvester (PVEH), ionic polymer–metal composite (IPMC)


Raghavan, S., Gupta, R., & Sharma, L. (2023). Applications of a novel tunable piezoelectric vibration energy harvester. Micromachines, 14(9), 1782.