Mode-Matching Analysis of Whispering-Gallery-Mode Cavities




Du, Xuan

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This thesis presents a full-vectorial mode matching method for whispering gallery microcavity analysis. With this technique, optical properties such as resonance wavelength, quality factor and electromagnetic field distribution of an arbitrarily shaped microcavity can be computed with high accuracy. To illustrate this, a mode matching analysis that involves a single propagating whispering gallery mode is performed on a microtoroid in the presence of individual nonplasmonic nanoparticle on its surface. This method is also extended to the analysis of cavity adsorbed by a plasmonic nanoparticle at a wavelength close to plasmon resonance where the resulting field distortion invalidates other approaches. The simulation demonstrates high efficiency and is in close agreement with experimental measurements reported in previous work. Furthermore, we extend our mode matching analysis to the case where multiple whispering gallery modes are involved in the course of light propagation. The new formalism is performed on a cavity-waveguide coupling system to investigate the light delivery from a tapered optical waveguide to a microcavity at high precision. A novel hybrid integration scheme to implement an ultra-high quality factor microcavity on a silicon-on-insulator platform is proposed based on the related modelling results.



Micro-optical devices, resonators, Detection, computational electromagnetics