Positive Feedback Loops for Lifelong Learning: Exploring the Interplay Between Self-regulation, Metacognition, and Feedback




Treloar, Graham

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Metacognition, self-regulation, and the ability to receive and engage with feedback in constructive ways, are essential for the development of capable, lifelong learners. The literature review in this project examines research on self-regulated learning and metacognition, effective feedback practices, and how learners respond to feedback, both emotionally and cognitively. Clear, transparent feedback is necessary for and scaffolds the development of metacognition and self-regulated learning, and metacognitive, self-regulated learners have the capacity to select and use regulatory and learning strategies that support active engagement with feedback. Self-efficacy, motivation, and achievement emotions are also influenced by the interplay between feedback, metacognition, and self-regulated learning. A series of personal reflections are interwoven throughout the literature review, situated within the context of the research. The reflections relate to classroom experiences and potential implications for future practice.



Self-regulation, Metacognition, Feedback, Assessment, Assessment for Learning, Self-regulated Learning, Self-efficacy, Emotions, Proactive Recipience, Lifelong Learning