The history of wind bands in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region




Niermeier, Ada

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This work documents various aspects of Hong Kong wind band history and examines values that emerge from these areas, including the music beliefs in society, and the fusion of Western and Chinese mentality. An overall picture of the creation of wind bands is initiated, including economic, social, political, historical, and musical influences, and a review of the literature that has been written about bands in a few other countries is presented. First, the historical background is discussed, emphasizing the emergence of communal values which enable the wind band to congeal as a movement. Second, the formation of wind bands is examined, again with careful attention to communal values and a solidifying tradition. This study reveals the wind bands’ true social importance and lays the groundwork for much-needed future investigations into their development in Hong Kong.



Wind Bands, Hong Kong, History, instrumental Music, Education, Music education