Literacy applications of graphic novels in secondary English language arts




Wilson, Steve

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This project examines the literacy applications of using graphic novels in secondary English language arts. Graphic novels are multimodal texts that combine print text and images in a sequential narrative. Bringing these texts into the classroom has shown to be an effective way to teach literacy to a wide variety of learners, including English language learners and at-risk youth. This project provides a detailed look at the current academic research in using graphic novels in education, viewed through the theoretical lens of the New London Group’s concepts of multiliteracies and multimodalities. A number of approaches to bringing graphic novels into the classroom are outlined, with an emphasis on Rosenblatt’s concept of aesthetic reading. Included is a list of recommended teacher resources, a list of graphic novels that are suitable for high school, and a list of graphic novels for adults that showcase the medium’s diversity.



literacy, graphic novels, high school, secondary school, adolescent literacy, multimodal, multiliteracies, English language arts