Taking a posthumanist stand in CYC ethics: an ethical-political experiment.




Slade, Angela

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This study presents a critical analysis of ethics in child and youth care (CYC) and a posthumanist-inspired approach to sustainable ethics in line with CYC’s commitment to do ethics. The study constructs the problem of the all-too-humanist-ethical-CYC-body and engages in a rhizodiffractive ethical-political experiment to (re)think/(re)view/(re)write how we come to practice ethics in CYC. Inspired by a posthumanist ontoepistemology, I employ Deleuze and Guattari’s concepts of nomadism and becoming as tools to interfere with the current ethical framework in North American CYC. In global, neoliberal times, CYC needs an ethics that focuses, not just on dominant discourses that guide ethical conduct and decision making, but on ethical-bodies-becoming through the unique entanglements of every ethical encounter. What this body of work exposed for the ethical-CYC-practitioner is that taking a stand – one that challenges dominant one-way ethical models for practice – is a necessary precondition for living in global neoliberal times.



Posthumanist, Ethics, Child and Youth Care, Rhizodiffractive, Critical theory