Effects of menstrual phase on performance and recovery in intense intermittent activity




Middleton, Laura Elizabeth.

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This study examined differences and relationships between high intensity, intermittent work and menstrual phase. Six performed (10) 6-second sprints on a cycle ergometer in the luteal (LP) and follicular phase (FP) of the menstrual cycle. The average 6-second work was greater in the LP (39.3 (3.4)Jkg) than during the FP (38.3 (3.1)Jkg). There was no difference in peak 6-second power (6.8(0.6)W/kg in FP, 6.9(0.6)W/kg in LP) and the drop-off in work (1.2(3.5)J/kg in FP and 1.0(2.7)J/kg in LP) between menstrual phases. There was no significant difference in sprint V02 or recovery V02 between FP (2.3 (O.S)rnL/kg/min and 24.1 (2.5)mL/kg/min) and LP (2 1.8(1.6)mL/kg/rnin and 23.7(2.8)mL/kg/min). In sprints 2 to 10, recovery V02 was greater in LP (26.3(2.4)mL/kg/min) than FP (25.0(2.6)rnL/kg/min). Recovery V02 and average 6- second work positively correlated (0.78 in FP, 0.77 in LP). In summary, oxygen consumption between sprints 2-10 and average work was greater in LP than FP.