Kaleidoscopes: Cross cultural interactions and academic engagement of students in an internationalized Canadian university classroom




Oakes, Jennifer J.

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Despite a great deal of research on the international student experience, there is limited research examining internationalized classroom perspectives of domestic students. Existing studies have documented academic and personal issues that arise within the internationalized classroom such as: self-segregation, reluctance to work together, reduced interactions between domestic and international students, and limited academic engagement. This study explores experiences, perceptions and attitudes of students who are currently engaged in graduate programmes in internationalized classrooms. As shown in the data, the individual perspectives on culture, language, goals and expectations, gender and age, which are influenced by internationalization and instruction methods, help us to better understand the challenges associated with university internationalization in Canada. This study adds to the existing literature on the roles of universities in implementing specific strategies in order to provide an environment in which both international and domestic students can benefit from intercultural academic experience and help students develop intercultural competences and expand global citizenship.



international education, cross cultural interactions, academic engagement