Informing Transformative Learning in Critical Adult Education - A Study of Chinese Public Intellectual Qin Hui (秦晖)




Chen, Wei (Vera)

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This study examines Qin Hui (秦晖), a prominent Chinese public intellectual, historian, and liberal thinker, using the theoretical framework of transformative learning. The project aims to contribute to the field of critical adult education by demonstrating how Qin Hui’s scholarship and active engagement in China’s public sphere have resulted in transformative learning experiences for individuals. By examining the impact of Qin Hui’s scholarship, this project also seeks to shed light on the potential of critical adult education to promote transformative change in society. The research has two specific goals: First, to explore Qin’s insights into various issues such as democracy, social justice, freedom, and globalization that are relevant to both China’s democratization and Western democracy. Second, the research aims to introduce Qin’s scholarly essence to a broader audience by applying an arts-based research method. To lay a solid foundation for this research, I conducted a comprehensive literature review, focusing on the contemporary history of Chinese public intellectuals and current studies of Qin Hui’s works. I used two research methods: content analysis of Qin’s literature to generate findings, and video as an arts-based research approach to make knowledge more engaging and accessible. In addition, I addressed gaps identified in the current literature and extended the study by discussing the findings of the content analysis and raising unanswered questions for future research.



Qin Hui (秦晖), public intellectual, transformative learning, critical adult education, arts-based research, democracy