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UVicSpace is an open access learning and research repository for published and unpublished digital scholarly works by the UVic community and its partners. UVic faculty and researchers can email a list of their publications (or their CV containing the list) or any items they would like added to UVicSpace to dsphelp@uvic.ca.

Please check if your publisher allows self-archiving at SHERPA/RoMEo's publisher copyright policies. Consider using the SPARC Canadian Author Addendum to secure these rights when your future articles are accepted for publication.

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Recently Added

  • Mandolesi, Eric; Ogaya, Xenia; Campanyà, Joan; Agostinetti, Nicola Piana (Computers and Geosciences, 2018)
    This paper presents a new computer code developed to solve the 1D magnetotelluric (MT) inverse problem using a Bayesian trans-dimensional Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm. MT data are sensitive to the depth-distribution ...
  • Buckley, Heather L.; Molla, Nusrat J.; Cherukumilli, Katya; Boden, Kathryn S.; Gadgil, Ashok J. (Development Engineering, 2018)
    Throughout the developing world, over 200 million people drink groundwater containing fluoride concentrations surpassing the World Health Organization's maximum recommended contaminant level (WHO-MCL) of 1.5 mg F−/L, ...
  • Howell, Stephen E.L.; Komarov, Alexander S.; Montpetit, Benoit; Dabboor, Mohammed; Montpetit, Benoit; Brady, Michael; Scharien, Randall K.; Mahmud, Mallik S.; Nandan, Vishnu; Geldsetzer, Torsten; Yackel, John J. (Remote Sensing of Environment, 2018)
    Estimating sea ice motion from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery at C-band is the most reliable approach because of its high spatial resolution and ever increasing temporal resolution given the multiple current and ...
  • Zhu, Haoxuan; Janusson, Eric; Luo, Jingwei; Piers, James; Islam, Farhana; McGarvey, G. Bryce; Oliver, Allen G.; Granot, Ori; McIndoe, J. Scott (Analyst, 2017-09)
    Bromobenzyl compounds react selectively with phenols via the Williamson ether synthesis. An imidazolium charge-tagged bromobenzyl compound can be used to reveal phenol impurities in jet fuel by analysis via electrospray ...
  • Pape, Jennifer; Vikse, Krista L.; Janusson, Eric; Taylor, Nichole; McIndoe, J. Scott (International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2014-11)
    A principal feature of electrospray ionization (ESI) is the transfer of ions in solution into the gas-phase for analysis by mass spectrometry. The electrospray process is intricate and therefore each stage of the process ...

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