How does becoming and being a professional counsellor affect one’s personal life : a qualitative exploration




Alhanati, Barbara Sampaio

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This study investigates the effects that becoming and being a professional counsellor, including training and professional practice, can have on one’s personal life. The significance of this study lies in its contribution to a base of research literature that is starting to form on the personal lives of counsellors. Qualitative methodology and thematic analysis were chosen for this study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six professional counsellors, asking them how their training and professional practice has affected their personal lives. Findings revealed participants experienced mostly positive effects, which impacted their personal lives in a variety of ways and in a range of areas. It is suggested that the research be used as part of counsellor training and support programs, as well as to inspire future research on how the profession of counselling psychology comes to affect the professionals engaged with this work.



Counselling, Counsellor education, Personal life, Professional practice