Addressing Jurisdictional Friction on Healthcare Access for scəẃaθən məsteyəxw Children: A case study approach to understanding the implications of jurisdictional friction in creating barriers to equitable healthcare access for Tsawwassen Children.




Harris, Rowan

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This thesis explores the implications of jurisdictional friction on healthcare access for children of scəẃaθən məsteyəxw - Tsawwassen First Nation (“TFN”), a modern treaty nation in British Columbia. To support this exploration, a critical instance case study and an Indigenous methodology were employed, utilizing in-depth interviews with five participants from TFN and a document analysis of related literature. The research methods were supported by a literature review that examined jurisdictional friction through inadequate service access, jurisdictional divides, and colonial policies. The findings reveal that due to jurisdictional friction, Tsawwassen Children continue to experience structural and individual barriers when accessing healthcare services off Tsawwassen Lands. Jurisdictional friction is furthered through intergovernmental and interorganizational relations over responsibility for the funding and delivery of health services to Tsawwassen Children. This friction results from colonial healthcare administration, a lack of distinctions-based recognition, and a lack of implementation of the Tsawwassen Final Agreement.



First Nations, Healthcare, Children, Jurisdiction, Tsawwassen First Nation