Scripting their stories: parents' experiences with their adolescents and video games




Madill, Leanna E

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This study explores the experiences of parents around video games and their adolescent children. Nine parents participated in individual and focus group interviews which asked them to reflect and consider their interactions, opinions, and beliefs about video games and their adolescent children who are gamers. Drawing on Critical Discourse Analysis the data revealed themes of power, fear, and judgment. The analysis is best represented by ethnodramatic scripts. These scripts depict parents’ concerns of video games, perceptions of their adolescent children, their beliefs about parenting, and the influence of societal messages. The complexities and sometimes contradictions available in the scripts suggest that more conversations are necessary about how parenting, video games, and gamers intersect so that many of the fears can be overcome and more critical approaches can be adopted.



Video games, parents, adolescents, ethnodrama, critical discourse analysis, education, technology, teacher education