Support for internationally educated nurses transitioning into practice: an integrative literature review




Tilley, Carla

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An integrative literature review is a form of research that allows for the review and critique of empirical and theoretical literature on a particular phenomenon, or topic (Torraco, 2005; Whittemore & Knafl, 2005). The integrative literature review essentially combines findings from studies of different methodologies, (for example, quantitative and qualitative research,) and can therefore provide a broader scope regarding the enhancement of nursing practice and related theory and policy development (Whittemore & Knafl, 2005). As workforce diversity for registered nurses continues to evolve within Canadian practice settings, there will be a need to develop evidence based practice initiatives to align with this workforce (Canadian Nurses Association, 2005). The aims of this integrative review are to explore the phenomenon of support for internationally educated nurses (IENs) as they transition into practice, and to make recommendations regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of a framework of support for IENs, as they integrate into Canadian practice settings.



internationally educated, international, education, nurses, practice, integrative literature review