Improving public sector performance through standardized human capital performance measurement & reporting




Bennett, Tony

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New Public Management and increasing calls for public sector transparency and accountability drive public sector leaders to do more with less. One place these leaders can turn to make the organizational, program, and process improvement needed is its workforce, its people. This resource, its human capital, is increasingly recognized as a driver of organizational performance and success. Public sector leaders need the learning and accountability provided by human capital performance measurement and reporting to improve service efficiency, effectiveness, and impactfulness. This study examined recent research to see if there were common human capital performance indicators and performance reporting systems that could form the basis of standardized measurement and reporting. What was found was, while no standardized indicators or systems are in place, there is a good foundation with some initiating steps having been taken. Common groupings or themes of human capital indicators were uncovered including ones addressing organizational strategy impact, talent management, engagement & wellness, and workforce awareness. A balanced scorecard approach was often used as the performance reporting method to deliver these indicators. Maturity in both the human resources profession and performance reporting, along with further research, is needed to advance the concept of a common human capital performance indicators and performance reporting system.



human capital, performance reporting, human capital measurement, performance measurement, public sector, performance indicators