E-Catalyst Learning System




Roy, Rajiv

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The e-catalyst Learning system is a user-friendly system, designed especially for the instructors to provide them an environment where they can teach and helps students to learn efficiently. The e-Catalyst learning system, built on top of the Salesforce platform, provides the foundation for the instructors, students, and institutions to connect to each other in new ways. In this learning system instructors can browse through their own courses, monitor the performance of the students, make direct call to the students through Skype, chat with the students, create tasks and events for the students, answers to the student's queries on the discussion board, check the schedule on calendar, add and delete courses, which are some of the features which available in e-Catalyst System. As the system is deployed in the cloud, it will be available online and accessible from anywhere in the world. This system is developed in Canada, and it will be available as an open source system which will be later delivered over to a non-profit organization. This report gives the detailed overview of the e-Catalyst system. We will discuss the architecture of the system, model of the system, user interface overview, features of the system in detail, benefits and future work.