A comparison of oxygen consumption, RPE and lower limb EMG activity in toning versus running shoes on uphill, level and downhill walking




Chatha, Avneet

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OBJECTIVES: Comparing electromyography and physiological measures while walking on various inclines in unstable and stable shoes. METHODS: Eleven healthy females walked on treadmill at +10%, 0% and -10% grade for five minutes each, at self-selected pace, in stable and unstable shoes. The two sessions were done 3weeks apart during which the subjects used unstable shoes for regular activities. Electromyography of lower limb muscles, absolute and relative oxygen consumption, perceived exertion rating and heart rate was calculated. RESULTS: Tibialis anterior activation varied significantly with shoe type, irrespective of grade. Soleus, vastus medialis, and biceps femoris showed activation differences in specific gait phases. There was a main effect for absolute and relative oxygen consumption, RPE and HR only with grade. Shoe type showed no effect. CONCLUSION: Though there is no difference in overall physiological variables, but changes in electromyography in specific phases highlight possible muscle toning benefits of unstable shoes.



Unstable shoes, neuromuscular strategy, walking grades, toning, locomotion