A Control System for the E-Linac View Screen System




Abernathy, Jason Matthias

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The TRIUMF view screen system encompases a set of devices which individually image, and produce measurements of, the transverse profile of an accelerated electron beam. A control system is an essential component of the overall diagnostic device. The system requirements were compiled from those produced by the TRIUMF laboratory and from those based on the needs of the individual diagnostic devices. Based on the requirements, a control system was designed and implemented with a combination of industrial electrical and mechanical hardware, and a variety of software components. One component of the image reconstruction algorithm was validated with experimental data; the accuracy and precision of beam profile measurements was evaluated through simulation studies. Although it was not possible to demonstrate the satisfaction of requirements relating to alignment, it was shown that all other requirements were satisfied.



view screen, profile monitor, particle accelerator diagnostics, TRIUMF, control system, e-linac