Developing and Piloting a New Model to Guide NP Student Assessment and Learning in Clinical Settings.




Jenkins, Haley

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The goal of this research is to inform the development of a new model for nurse practitioner education site visits using a student-centered approach. The new model is also informed by Circle Work, in collaboration with the School of Social Work. The aim of this new model in nurse practitioner student site visits is to allow for reallocation of faculty time to provide high-impact teaching and learning activities. Across the student, preceptor, and instructor groups, favorability of in-person meetings is commonly associated with opportunity for connection building and in-person assessment of student skills. The ability for these valuable components to be recreated in a virtual setting is indicated as a desired outcome across the three groups. The survey data yielded valuable recommendations from the lens of student, preceptor, and instructor.



education assessment, assessment model, education model, nursing education, Circle Work, Clinical learning