Radical Media, Social Movement Framing and the Georgia Straight




Willett, Cody

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The central goal of this thesis is to direct attention to the underappreciated role that radical media has played in communicating social movement messages, which challenge dominant discourses and politicize youth culture, by helping advance master protest frames, reframe collective identities and promote movement-specific collective action frames. To demonstrate the relationship between radical media and movements, this thesis identifies a gap in social movement research regarding how movements communicate reframed meaning to participants. Furthermore, to address this lacuna, it proceeds to assess the movement-oriented content and discursive master, collective identity and collective action frames found in Vancouver’s ‘underground’ newspaper, the Georgia Straight, between 1967 and 1969. The research into these frames supports the argument that Georgia Straight in this period did act as a form of radical media, reflecting and reinforcing the broader social movement of youth radicalism in existence at the time.



social movement, 1960s, frame, framing, underground press, radical media, independent media, mass media, corporate media, youth, participation, engagement, discourse, hegemony, activism, Vancouver, hippie, subaltern, counterpublic, political, collective, identity, counterculture, communicate, communication, 1967, 1968, 1969