Assessing the behavioral aspects of executive functioning across the lifespan: review of rating scales and psychometric derivation of a screener for young adults




Duggan, Emily C.

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Executive functioning skills are paramount to our ability to purposefully and successfully mediate our actions within our day-to-day environment. Dysfunction of the executive system can result in a multitude of behavioral manifestations in all stages of life. Increasing evidence supports the use of rating scales to obtain a more comprehensive and ecologically valid understanding of an individual’s executive functioning. The current thesis involves two articles examining the use of behavioral rating scales in the assessment of executive functions. Study 1: In response to a recent proliferation of executive functions rating scales, this article reviews and discusses currently available scales for the assessment of executive functions across the lifespan. Study 2: This study derived an executive functions screener from the Behavioral Assessment System for Children (BASC-2-SRP-COL) for use in young adults and evaluated it against a well-known executive function rating scale (the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-Adult Version).



executive function, rating scale, assessment, ecological validity, lifespan, confirmatory factor analysis, convergent validity