Use of complementary and alternative medicine among Chinese Canadians




Roth, Marilyn Anne

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This research implements a mixed method design to examine complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among Chinese Canadians. Using logistic regression to analyze data from the Canadian Community Health Survey, this study explores the relationship between Chinese ethnicity and CAM use. This study also uses narrative accounts from case study interviews with Chinese Canadian CAM users to understand why they use CAM. The quantitative results indicate that Chinese ethnicity and other cultural variables significantly affect respondents' likelihood of using CAM. The qualitative results reveal four main reasons for CAM use: (1) adherence to traditional understandings of health and illness, (2) views about the effectiveness of Chinese medicine, (3) acceptance of use by family and friends, and (4) access to Chinese medicine practitioners. The findings are integrated and discussed in the context of the study's theoretical and methodological contributions for the sociological study of CAM use among visible minority groups.



alternative medicine, medical care, Chinese Canadians, Canada