Multipath QUIC Implementation and Scheduling with Adversarial Multi-Armed Bandits




Shu, Shengjie

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With the rapid development of computer networking, there has been an increase in the number of end devices with various types of network interfaces. Multipath transport-layer protocols have emerged as a potential solution to utilize multiple access paths and improve transmission capacity and reliability. One such protocol is Multipath QUIC (MPQUIC), which is a multipath extension to the QUIC protocol. Given the benefits of QUIC, MPQUIC is expected to be more promising in meeting the demands of future applications. This thesis explores the design and scheduling aspects of MPQUIC. We first study the QUIC protocol and propose a multipath implementation over it, called a multipath extension to the QUIC module for ns-3. Our implementation meets the demands for scalable multiple paths, flexible path schedulers, and compatible congestion control algorithms. Then, we further explore the scheduling problem in MPQUIC and design an intelligent multipath scheduling algorithm, called multipath scheduling with adversarial multi-armed bandits. A novel learning-based multipath scheduler, Multipath Scheduler with Adversarial MultiArmed Bandit (MSAB), is presented, which makes an intelligent access network selection and is conscious of network heterogeneity and dynamics. Extensive simulation results with ns-3 show that the proposed MSAB scheduler can outperform state-of-the-art solutions 70% of the time with up to 30% higher goodput in highly dynamic scenarios.



QUIC, ns-3, Multi-armed bandits, transport protocol, multipath, scheduler