Machine learning in indoor positioning and channel prediction systems




Zhu, Yizhou

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In this thesis, the neural network, a powerful tool which has demonstrated its ability in many fields, is studied for the indoor localization system and channel prediction system. This thesis first proposes a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) fingerprinting-based indoor positioning system for the widely deployed WiFi environment, using deep neural networks (DNN). To reduce the computing time as well as improve the estimation accuracy, a two-step scheme is designed, employing a classification network for clustering and several regression networks for final location prediction. A new fingerprinting, which utilizes the similarity in RSSI readings of the nearby reference points (RPs) is also proposed. Real-time tests demonstrate that the proposed algorithm achieves an average distance error of 43.5 inches. Then this thesis extends the ability of the neural network to the physical layer communications by introducing a recurrent neural network (RNN) based approach for real-time channel prediction which uses the recent history channel state information (CSI) estimation for online training before prediction, to adapt to the continuously changing channel to gain a more accurate CSI prediction compared to the other conventional methods. Furthermore, the proposed method needs no additional knowledge, neither the internal properties of the channel itself nor the external features that affect the channel propagation. The proposed approach outperforms the other methods in a changing environment in the simulation test, validating it a promising method for channel prediction in wireless communications.



Machine Learning, Neural Network, Indoor Positioning, Channel Prediction