Measurement of W±-boson and Z-boson production cross-sections in pp collisions at s√=2.76 TeV with the ATLAS detector




Aad, G.
Abbott, B.
Abbott, D.C.
Abdinov, O.
Abed Abud, A.
Abeling, K.
Abhayasinghe, D.K.
Abidi, S.H.
AbouZeid, O.S.
Abraham, N.L.

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The European Physical Journal C


The production cross-sections for W± and Z bosons are measured using ATLAS data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 4.0 pb−1 collected at a centre-of-mass energy s√=2.76 TeV. The decay channels W→ℓν and Z→ℓℓ are used, where ℓ can be an electron or a muon. The cross-sections are presented for a fiducial region defined by the detector acceptance and are also extrapolated to the full phase space for the total inclusive production cross-section. The combined (average) total inclusive cross-sections for the electron and muon channels are: σtotW+→ℓν=σtotW−→ℓν=σtotZ→ℓℓ=2312±26 (stat.)±27 (syst.)±72 (lumi.)±30 (extr.) pb,1399±21 (stat.) ±17 (syst.)±43 (lumi.)±21 (extr.) pb,323.4±9.8 (stat.)±5.0 (syst.)±10.0 (lumi.)±5.5(extr.) pb. Measured ratios and asymmetries constructed using these cross-sections are also presented. These observables benefit from full or partial cancellation of many systematic uncertainties that are correlated between the different measurements.




Aad, G., Abbott, B., Abbott, D. C., Abdinov, O., Abed Abud, A., Abeling, K., … Zwalinski, L. (2019). Measurement of W±-boson and Z-boson production crosssections in pp collisions at √s =2.76 TeV with the ATLAS detector. The European Physical Journal C, 79(11).