Living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and an ostomy: an integrative review




Colman, Catherine

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A paramount concern for patients living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is having to undergo surgery resulting in an ostomy. Adaptation is unique to the individual, and an IBD patient may face adaptation challenges that are different from those with other medical conditions. To develop a comprehensive understanding of the adaptation process of those living with IBD and an ostomy, and to identify ways in which advanced practice nurses can best support and foster positive adaptation, an integrative review of the current literature related to living with IBD and an ostomy was performed. Roy’s adaptation model provided the theoretical foundation and helped to inform this review. A total of 14 articles (seven quantitative and seven qualitative) met the inclusion criteria. Key findings of this review are: experiences of shame, which is associated with body dissatisfaction, alterations in sexuality and fears of rejection; the need for social-connectedness and value of empathic support; and finally, the experience of grief and loss and resolve to live again. This integrative review has contributed to existing knowledge and has informed advanced practice nursing by illuminating a greater awareness of the struggles and triumphs that ostomized IBD patients face. Findings from this review also capture and validate the usefulness of Roy’s adaptation model in nursing research. Implications for nursing practice and recommendations for future research are offered.



adaptation, ostomy, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), nursing