Activism as work : an institutional ethnography for (not of) ethical trade movements




Hussey, Ian Stanley

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This project aims to identify and "map" the stages of municipal decision making including the development of an Ethical Purchasing Policy by a coalition of community organizations, the approval by the municipal Council, and the implementation of the policy through the municipal departments. The focus is the standardized processes that comprise public participation, public decision making, and public administration. By using institutional ethnography in an innovative manner, this project develops a new way of studying social movements in general, and the social organization of activism in particular that demonstrates that activism is work which is coordinated translocally by text-mediated ruling relations. The results of this project will further the understanding of community members, and municipal Councillors and staff of the social implications of their work and the Ethical Purchasing Policy they helped develop and implement. This research could be used by community organizations and other municipalities considering developing similar policies.



Municipalities, Decision-making