Exploring service integration in Campbell River's homelessness support system




Gaylor, Andy
Neufeld, Ronald

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This research project examines how greater forms of service integration within the City of Campbell River’s homeless support system can be applied to improve outcomes for the area’s homeless. Drawing from the literature and successful homelessness strategies, the premise of this project is that coordinated, systems-level interventions are needed to manage the complexity of homelessness. Through an online survey completed by Campbell River’s not-for-profit homelessness support agencies, telephone interviews with local government informants from other jurisdictions, and a facilitated focus group session with Campbell River’s Coalition to End Homelessness, this project concludes that there is a collective willingness within the homelessness support network to coordinate actions in developing homelessness solutions, and that cities play a key role in supporting service integration efforts. Notwithstanding this support, most view a lack of regional affordable housing options as a major impediment to service integration efforts. To support the efforts of the local homelessness support system, the authors recommend approaches that: enhance collaboration through funding a dedicated homelessness coordinator position, broaden the existing homelessness support network by including for-profit, business and law enforcement sectors, and finally, enable affordable housing opportunities through the development of an affordable housing development strategy.



Homeless, Homelessness, Collaboration, Service integration, Affordable housing, Metagovernance