A customizable SVG graph visualization engine




Lin, Yingyun Tony

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This thesis describes our experience of creating an interactive and customizable graph visualization engine, referred to as SVG graph visualization engine, or SVG Editor for short, implemented entirely in SVG and ECMAScript. Typical operations of this visualization engine include filtering, searching, collapsing, expanding of graph elements, and hierarchical as well as historical viewing of graphs and subgraphs. This visualization engine has great potential because it runs on many platforms and in many applications due to the availability of SVG plug-ins. SVG Editor can be customized to fit various domains. To illustrate the editor's customizability, we discuss three sample applications of SVG Editor. The first example is the instantiation of SVG Editor for the visualization of software structures. This kind of visualization is used by reverse engineering tools to support program comprehension. The second example is the instantiation of SVG Editor for information modeling with the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). Another example is to use SVG Editor to show three distinct viewpoints of a subject Web site: developer-view, server-view, and client-view in a web site reverse engineering tool, and for a reverse engineer to explore and navigate mappings between them. Also, we assess selected aspects of SVG Editor’s scalability, extensibility, customizability, usability, and reusability.



SVG, graph visualization, customizable