Mobile Based Source Code Editor




Singh, Gurjeet

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Mobile based source code Editor (MBSCE) is an Android Mobile application that helps in editing user’s java source code. It also provides many other efficient features like code indentation, keywords coloring, code grouping/ungrouping, cloud access (with Google Drive), code sharing (with email) and auto text completion. The application has a variety of potential users like students, developers who like to access their source code on their mobile devices. It helps its users to gain access to their source code stored on their Google drives. Once the code is accessed, this application colors the java keywords, indents the source code, creates buttons to group/ungroup blocks of code and finally displays the code on the user’s mobile. Then the user can modify the source code on his/her mobile and can save the code back to the google drive. User can also write the code from scratch, upload it to the google drive and share it over an email.



mobile, editor