Investigations of acoustically-coupled shear layers using particle image velocimetry




Yan, Ting

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Digital particle image velocimetry is employed to investigate acoustically-coupled flow past a coaxial deep cavity (side branch) resonator mounted in a duct. The emphasis is on the effect of the separation between the coaxial side branches on the interaction between separated shear layers that form across the side branch openings. Various resonator geometries are characterized in terms of patterns of instantaneous and time-averaged flow velocity, vorticity. and streamline topology at several phases of the acoustic cycle. In addition. phase-averaged images of the flow in conjunction with unsteady pressure measurements are evaluated in order to provide insight into the mechanisms of acoustic power generation. Generally, the acoustic source undergoes a significant transformation as the distance between the coaxial side branches changes. When the side branches are located relatively far away from each other. each of them forms an independent acoustic source. As the distance between the side branches decreases. interaction between the associated oscillating shear layers results in formation of a single acoustic source of complex spatial structure.



particle image velocimetry, fluid dynamics