First Nations Earth Science 11: Place-based Secondary Science Education Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge




Tomasino, Michèle

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This Project reports on a locally-developed First Nations Earth Science 11 course where students participated in experiments and projects that promoted their understanding through an Indigenous, place-based and land-based environment. Learning science with Indigenous Elders on the land is a breath of fresh air. By blending Western science learning with Traditional Ecological Knowledge students were able to see, feel, smell and sense the knowledge that is being passed down to them. Using traditional Indigenous methods of teaching science in the field may help promote not only an understanding of science, but an understanding of traditional Indigenous methods of learning and the practice of traditional skills that pertain to science learning. The data collected through this project reveals that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students can benefit from this type of learning, suggesting that it is valuable to integrate Indigenous knowledge in science education.



Science education, Indigenous education, Earth Science, Indigenous perspectives, Traditional knowledge, Indigenous worldview, TEKW in Science Curriculum