Web Based Online Dynamic Electrocardiogram System




Ma, He

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Dynamic electrocardiography has an important value for people with heart disease to help detect irregular arrhythmia, while few portable products of dynamic electrocardiography are commercially available. To solve this problem, this project, through the use of the CakePHP and RequireJS frameworks, develops a comprehensive web application for a wireless dynamic electrocardiogram system. The application uses several methods to improve the data loading performance, including gzip compression, multi-layer caching, and garbage collection. Authorization and input fields escaping were also implemented to safeguard sensitive information. By configuring a load balancer and scaling the server and the database, the application is highly scalable. Styling consistency of web page components was introduced to optimize user experience of the application. To enhance application’s page rank on search engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies were introduced. Furthermore, implementation of the PHPUnit test is also provided to ensure software quality.



Web application, ECG, CakePHP, RequireJS, Dynamic electrocardiogram