Functional neurocircuitries of working memory in chronic schizophrenia




Tura, Emanuela

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Deficits in working memory are typical symptoms in schizophrenia. The gene for the Dopamine Receptor 1 (DRD1) is one of the candidate genes for schizophrenia, and it is critical for memory function. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) was used to detect neurocircuitries engaged during a behavioral task of subjects with chronic schizophrenia and healthy people. Multivariate analysis in particular Partial Least Squares, was adopted to quantitatively capture diagnosis-specific patterns. The brain-behavior analyses identified diagnosis-specific circuitries that included many cortical areas. Furthermore, we compared two groups of schizophrenics with different DRD1 genotype. The imaging-genetics analysis showed that covariance patterns of different areas (including the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the inferior parietal lobule) were inversely related between the two genotypes. Therefore, it appears that the speed in subjects' response may be indicative of diagnostic-specific networks, and that DRD1 genotype may suggest differential use of neural networks.



Schizophrenia, Dopamine, Receptors