¿Baño ritual o baptismo? Un análisis textual de la descripción del baño ritual en el Códice florentino




Panter, Tobi Jane

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This thesis consists of a close textual reading of the three chapters of Book VI of the Florentine Codex in which the ritual bathing of the Nahua infant is described. Bernardino de Sahagún’s Spanish translation is compared, within its historical and social context, with a modern paleographic translation by Josefina García Quintana in order to highlight the specific rhetorical strategies that Sahagún adopted in his paraphrastic translation. These include expressions with a Christian connotation such as “Oh, heavenly lord and lady gods who art in the heavens,” evocative imagery which paralleled Christian baptism, significant omissions related to important indigenous principles, and other subtle adaptations. Though his objective was to understand and faithfully portray Mexica culture as it was, Sahagún’s strategies resulted in the Christianization of the description of the ritual bathing, and in a concomitant diminishment of the Mesoamerican worldview.



Códice florentino, Florentine Codex, bautismo indígena, Baño ritual, Bernardino de Sahagún, análisis comparativo de traducciones, ritos de paso nahua, sahagún - traducción, ceremonia mesoamericana, cristianización