Efficacy and generalizability of a memory-training paradigm : application to a population of brain-injured individuals




Lillie, Rema Andrea.

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The current project applied a new theoretically-driven training paradigm shown to be effective at improving memory performance in a group of aging adults (Jennings & Jacoby, 2003) to a group of 10 individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Training effects were assessed on the paradigm itself and other measures of memory and attention. Performance on cognitive measures was compared to a group of 9 healthy, young adults to control for practice effects. Results showed a replication of previous findings in terms of both frequency and magnitude of improvement in this new population. Some proximal effects of training were found on a similarly-structured task (false fame) but no distal effects of training were seen on other cognitive measures. Limitations of the current project included small sample sizes. Recommendations are provided for future research. Implications for a dual-process model of memory and clinical practice are discussed.