Write On! A Sociocultural Approach to Promoting Engagement and Motivation in Writing for Elementary Students




Hutchings, Merridee

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The overarching goal of the project was to provide a theoretical foundation, research-based data, and experiential material to support the development of writing programs for intermediate elementary school students that support student engagement, motivation, and interest by affording students with choice, and opportunities to interact and collaborate in a writer’s workshop setting. The review of the literature focused on the topics of the sociocultural theory of learning, sociocultural theory in writing, and instructional practices including teaching writing as a process, using Writer’s Workshop, and affording opportunities for student collaboration and choice. Reflection on the literature review and the in-class implementation of a writer’s workshop writing program revealed how providing students with freedom of choice in developing topics and modes of presentation, and promoting student interaction and collaboration are directly related to increased student motivation, engagement, enjoyment of writing, improved writing abilities, writing output and overall satisfaction levels.



Writer's Workshop, Elementary Writing Instruction, Sociocultural theory, Student motivation, Student engagement, Choice, Process based instruction, Collaboration, Sociocultural theory in writing