Improving the management of intergovernmental relations: a project for the City of St. Albert government relations committee




Duley, Trevor W

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Regional and intergovernmental structures and dynamics are changing at a local government level in Alberta because of legislated collaboration frameworks and growth management boards, starting in 2008 and enhanced in 2017. For the City of St. Albert, who is impacted by this, it is becoming increasingly challenging to approach intergovernmental matters in a coordinated manner, and to maintain existing service- levels related to intergovernmental administrative services. One option to improve the situation, could be the development of a Government Relations Council Committee, as has been done elsewhere in Western Canada. The purpose of this report is to look at if a Government Relations Committee is a viable option for the City of St. Albert, by looking at the literature around municipal intergovernmental structures and practices in Western Canada, and by surveying the same municipalities. The research question is: if the City of St. Albert were to pursue the development of a Government Relations Committee, what would be the framework for its development?



inter-governmental affairs, municipal government, local government, public administration, council committee