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Ashraf, Nava

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Dr. Ashraf’s experiments address behaviour change in health, agricultural production, and microfinance. She has conducted research on questions of intra-household conflict and bargaining in decisions related to finance and fertility, with a special focus on women’s empowerment. Dr. Nava Ashraf is Professor of Economics and Director of Research of the Marshall Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her research combines psychology and economics, using both lab and field experiments to test insights from behavioural economics in the context of development projects in the Philippines, Kenya and Zambia. She received her PhD in Economics from Harvard University, and served on the faculty of Harvard Business School from 2005-2016. She has been awarded a Queen’s Jubilee Medal for service by the Government of Canada, and was the youngest person ever to receive the Order of British Columbia.



Intra-household conflict and bargaining, Women’s empowerment, Behavioural economics