Development of the best-practice guidelines for the prevention of postpartum depression




Frandsen, Natalie

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Postpartum depression poses a major public health problem with approximately thirteen percent of women experiencing this mood disorder after the birth of their baby. The significance of addressing postpartum depression lies in the potential to mitigate its negative effects on the health of women and their families, and the impact on their transition to parenthood. Further, prevention, early identification and treatment of this disorder are essential to reduce the suffering of women and their families. Best Practice Guidelines based on research evidence provide clinicians with ready access to a summary of the current state of evidence in a particular field, thus enabling clinicians to use quality evidence to enhance their clinical practice. The objective of this project was to augment the Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Best Practice Guidelines developed by the Ministry of Health and the British Columbia Reproductive Mental Health Program with a section on the prevention of postpartum depression.



development, best practice, guidelines, prevention, postpartum depression